Air Pollution Can Occur Within Your Home: Prevention Is Key

Air Pollution Can Occur Within Your Home: Prevention Is Key
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What exactly is air pollution?

Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals, particles or any other harmful materials that enter the Earth’s atmosphere. No matter what type of pollution enters the Earth’s atmosphere there are very extreme consequences that can, and will, affect all life on earth. The Earth’s atmosphere is a natural complex gaseous system that is intended to support all life on our planet. With all these pollutants entering the air this “layer” of our atmosphere is breaking down and could cause tremendous problems in the next couple hundred of years if efforts are not put forth by everyone on this beautiful planet we call home.

In 1955 the Air Pollution Control Act was the first U.S. Clean Air Act that was put forth by Congress is order to address the increasing environmental problem of air pollution. When it all comes down to it this act was simply passed in order for states to come to the realization that air pollution is happening, whether we agree or disagree, and science proves the depletion of our Earth’s atmosphere. Congress made it a point to make sure that research and technical assistance would be offered to all states in order to help them regulate and prevent air pollution. It was very clear, and still is crystal clear, that air pollution poses a danger to public health and welfare; not just of humans but of all living creatures that make up our complex planet. The mission behind this act was to bring it to the attention of the people of the world – not just in the United States. If it was never brought to the attention of the people during this time I believe it is safe to say that our environment would have collapsed years ago.

Many efforts have been brought forward in order to address and regulate air pollution over the years – but it doesn’t stop here.

Although air pollution is a huge problem that is beginning to be addressed, indoor air pollution is listed today as one of the worst toxic pollution problems. Why? It is hard to pinpoint exactly why this is a huge problem but my guess is that with the increase of home air conditioning and heating devices owners are not educated or aware of the fact that it is crucial to have their HVAC system maintained and cleaned annually by a professional AC repair company. Maintenance of your HVAC system may be a little expensive but it is worth the investment when it comes to the health and well-being of your family and others who enter your residential and/or commercial space.

If you live down South your air conditioning system is on more than half of the year. Since it is running 24/7 it is inevitable for your unit to become full of particles that have been lifted from both your home and the outside air. Your HVAC unit has many filtering devices that aid in making sure no harmful particles enter your home and your lungs. The only thing that HVAC owners fail to realize is the fact that after a few months those filters could be extremely clogged. Once those filters are clogged, and not changed out, the air that passes through them could allow the harmful particles to latch onto the air and be carried away into your home.

On the other hand the states that deal with high humidity levels are more sustainable to experience moisture within their residential and/or commercial duct system. There are many reasons as to how and why this can occur. In doing research I have come to the conclusion that the main reason why your duct system may be full of moisture is because of insufficient insulation or there could be cracks and leaks in the duct system itself forcing moisture to develop in the naturally cool area, eventually allowing mold/mildew spores to form and take over.

All of this can happen without your knowledge of the situation. Which is exactly why it is crucial to make sure you have a professional AC repair company come to your home at least once a year to make sure that your duct system is clean.

If you do not keep up with annual maintenance not only could your home fall victim to air pollution but your whole unit could malfunction causing you to have to spend thousands of dollars in AC repair.

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