Reusing Human Hair Used To Treebraid – How to Save Money

 Reusing Human Hair Used To Treebraid – How to Save Money



Human Hair Purchased in a Store:
Many people believe that human hair sold in packaging at the regular hair supply store is “human  full lace human hair wigs hair”. There is a difference between store bought, and hair sold by the ounce. The majority of women are immediately shocked that though the packaging on the store bought variety reads “human hair”, it is not real human hair. Some feel a responsibility to contact the store or a higher power to demand an explanation. Good luck with that, I say. This type has been sold in American for many generations before we were born! It’s a shame these women believed they were actually getting exactly that for their tree braids. Not so!

The fact is, packaged hair is manufactured to feel and act like real hair, but is in fact nothing more than synthetic strands coated with keratin. Keratin is a natural substance that is reproduced commercially and coated over synthetic strands to make it tangle free. The strands start to get tangled after a few shampoos, and with each shampoo, the keratin coating is washed down the drain. This is why once strands are washed, they become tangled, and brittle. So not to lose too much keratin, simply shampoo with conditioner first, follow up with diluted shampoo, then finish off with conditioner.

Human Hair Purchased at a Real Hair Outlet:
Additionally, lets look into real human hair. Real human hair is sold by the pound, half pound, and quarter pound. Real human hair is hair from a real human being’s scalp. Treebraids installed with real human hair gives the look that the hair is the treebraids clients’ own hair.

The Two Types of Real Human Hair:
Types of real human hair are 1. cuticles (the root of the hair shaft that is embedded in the scalp of a person) all bundled in the same direction, and 2. a disorganized mess of cuticles facing both north and south. The former results in tangle free, soft, smooth hair that lasts well after the treebraids style has been removed, and the latter is a tangled, stressful, time consuming mess from day one.

How to Avoid Wasting Money on Cheap Real Human Hair:
Again, hair with the cuticles going in the same direction is tangle free. Typically such good human hair is specifically cut off in a bunch from someone’s ponytail. Bad human hair, or the tangled variety, is mostly hair picked up off the fl



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