How To Sew Lined Shoe Bags For Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Gym, Dance or any Other Drawstring Bag


Sewing shoe sacks for the ladies or gentlemen in your day to day existence is an extraordinary gift thought. Regardless of what game or side interest they appreciate or where they travel. . .far away or to the rec center, shoe packs or drawstring sacks prove to be useful.


The how to sew sewing directions are for a lined drawstring shoe pack.


You are the fashioner. You can Stand Up Ziplock Pouch Manufacturers the reason, texture, plan and size of your drawstring pack. Here are a few ideas.




Utilize anything that texture suits your extravagant. Around 1/2 yard of texture makes one shoe sack.


Sturdier textures like denim, material, slipcover texture, counterfeit calfskin, corduroy, and so on function admirably for sturdier shoes.


Fine textures like velour, velvet, cottons, woolen clothes, and so on are great for dressier shoes.


Contemplate silk or silk for underwear sacks or gems packs. Or on the other hand use lattice or terry for the ocean side or clothing packs.


Lining is discretionary. However, in the event that you line the packs, pick a viable coating texture that won’t tear effectively particularly for the sturdier shoes. Now and again a similar texture is the best coating. The directions here are for a lined drawstring sack.


You might need to utilize launderable textures so you can wash the sacks later.


Preshrink all textures prior to cutting.




Utilize a couple of 36 inch long embellishing shoestrings or cowhide bands for each pack or weighty line or sew your own texture or phony calfskin drawstrings. Lace likewise works.




Sew a test sack to check whether the aspects are ideal for you.


Cut one sack with the accompanying proposed aspects. Place the shoe inside and verify whether it fits well. Add or take away from the length or width to adapt to whatever shoe or thing that you have.


Recommended Sizes


For 2 golf shoe sacks, cut 4 bits of texture 20 inches long and 11 inches wide. Cut 4 bits of covering 19 inches long and 10-1/2 inches wide.


Note: Cut an additional drawstring pack for a golf ball sack.


Two bowling shoes will squeeze into one shoe sack. Cut 2 bits of texture 20 inches long and 11 inches wide. Cut 2 coating 19 inches long and 10-1/2 inches wide.


One sack may likewise hold 2 sneakers or 2 women dress shoes.


Exercise center shoes fluctuate in size. For additional huge or little shoes, measure around the shoe and change the size of the texture in addition to crease remittances to oblige the size of the shoe.


Instructions to Sew Sewing Method


Enhance the Shoe Sack


Make the drawstring pack one of a kind with a unique plan or token. Ponder monogramming the packs or adding a game theme applique or weaving plan preceding sewing. Place the plan around 3 crawls from the base in the focal point of one of the 20 x 11 pieces.


After you trim the sack, place 2 pack sorts right sides out.


Measure and leave an imprint 5 crawls down from the highest point of the pack on the two sides.


Line 1/2 inch crease around sack beginning and halting at this 5 inch mark. Try not to back join. For the first and last inch, utilize short join.


Rehash sewing as above for the covering.


Press all creases open on both sack and the covering.


Press under 1/2 inch on the unstitched 5 inch sack side edges. Circuit or fasten to hold.


Do likewise for the coating.


Turn the pack right side out.


Turn the covering right side out.


Machine fasten 1/2″ at the lower part of the coating as though you were making a French crease. This makes major areas of strength for a.


Turn the covering incorrectly side out.


Slip the covering down into the pack with the goal that the top edge of the coating is 1/2 inch underneath the top edge of the sack.


Crease the top edge of the front of the pack down 1/2 inch over the coating.


Press this overlay to make a wrinkle.


Presently, bring the top collapsed squeezed edge of the sack down to meet the side edges at the lower part of the opening.


Pin to hold and fasten near this overlay edge.


To make the packaging, join 1″ over the past sewing.


Rehash for the posterior of the sack.


Embed Drawstrings


Utilize a security pin or bodkin to assist with sliding the drawstrings through the housings.


Slide one drawstring through the packaging of the sack back and front having closes on a similar side of the sack.


Embed the other drawstring beginning at the opposite side of the sack, sliding through the packaging of the sack back and front having closes on that side of the pack.


Tie the closures of the drawstrings together.


That finishes the lined drawstring shoe pack.


Note: Assuming that the shoe pack is wide enough for two shoes, you might need to line up the focal point of the sack from the base up to (however do exclude) the packaging through every one of the layers to make separate compartments for each shoe to assist with keeping them

from scraping.


Pin prior to sewing and test to check whether there is sufficient space

for the shoes. If not, you might need to build the width

of your shoe sack.


Sew sacks any size for anything. Everyone needs a pack for

something. Kids love treasure packs. Make large packs and little sacks. Give drawstring sacks to loved ones for Fathers’ Day, birthday presents, Christmas presents, and so on. Appreciate sewing sacks!


It simply checks out!


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