How to Survive Naples

How to Survive Naples


On my way from Rome to Sicily I decided to stop in the megacity of Naples for a couple of days, using it as a base for day passages to Pompeii and Sorrento. A couple of weeks previous to my visit I watched the news on Television talking about a strike of the scrap workers in Naples and how the megacity is piling up on rubbish and differently. Intriguing, I allowed, nearly canceling my reservation for Naples and wanting to skip it at all. But a many days latterly, CNN and other broadcasters blazoned the end of the strike. So, I had no reason not to visit the megacity known for serving the stylish Pizzas in the world.

Before I start telling you about my trip to Naples, I would like to tell, that I suppose of me as an educated rubberneck. I visited 137 countries on this earth on all 5 mainlands for work and or leaves. I slept under islands, in canopies, remains, 1-5 star hospices, caravansaries. I used every kind of transport from hitching to flying. I no way judge a place because of its culture or religion or because of the fact where I come from or where I grew up. I judge a megacity or country on the information it gave me before I visit it, and on the fact what the country is offering me. Naples business for sale

In my point of view, you take in the first prints of a megacity when you arrive at the train station and walk out of it, exploring the first yards of girding area. I soak in the air, the vibes and look around me.

When I got into Naples, I had to walk 200 yards from the train station to the machine stop so I could catch the machine to the place I had a reservation. During this short walk, (I had my pack and day bag on me) original businessmen were walking beside me, offering new laptops and cell phones to, I must say, veritably intriguing prices. However, I would have been veritably interested in taking one of those offers, making the original Mafia richer than it duly formerly is, If I wouldn’t have had my own laptop and phone with me. 10 times ago the same businessmen offered watches and cards, well, how times changed.

So I climbed into the R2 machine, which was taking me 7 stops toward my accommodation in Naples, just to find out, that there are other businessmen who are using the crowded machine to make a living in their own way. They stand right beside you, veritably near and hold a jacket and try to take your portmanteau out of your pants. Funny, seeing a hand with the destination portmanteau written all over it coming out of a simply not worn jacket towards your jeans fund.

Not interested in getting involved then, I was glad when I got of the right machine stop, because I wasn’t suitable to count to 7 presently, I was busy guarding my stuff.

I checked in and decided to explore the megacity at formerly, leaving everything before but a many Euro and my cell phone.

If you’re reading this and if you have been to Naples I want to compliment you. Why? Because you’re alive! I would not be surprised if I would see excursionists walking around wearing T-shirts with the words “I survived Naples!” written on it.

For those who have n´t been to Naples, I would like to explain.

A rambler is worth nothing there. You’re the smallest form of life taking part in the macrocosm of business. You have no rights. You have just one thing. Yourself! You’re alone, facing thousands of buses and scooters, hundreds of busses and exchanges. And rambler crossings with no business lights and motorists who don’t watch if there’s a X-ing sign for two lawful life forms.

Indeed walking on the side walk, you’ll be honked at by a woman riding on her scooter being annoyed by you walking in front of her. I stood at a X-ing point in Naples and awaited. I’m shamed of myself, because I awaited for a original to show me how to handle this. I followed an senior man crossing the road. I’ve been hiding behind him. Because I was spooked. Two hours latterly I awaited for nothing. Nothing came to guide me through business. So, stalwart as one could be, I decided to cross the road on my own.

Do you know how it’s when a auto is driving over your toes? The feeling you get inside your shoe? The “That cannot be that this just happed to me!” feeling inside your body? I need to add, that the auto was a Smart, thank god. A Smart is one of the lowest buses you’ll find on this earth. And, my toes were all complete, thanks to my hiking thrills. But still, the burning feeling was a memorial not to push your luck in the business of Naples.

There was still scrap in the thoroughfares. I’m not sure if the Television stations were lying to me, or if the quantum of dirt and rubbish on the road was normal. I do know that this is one of the busiest metropolises in Italy. One of the noisiest. And where everyone, sitting behind a wheel or on a scooter is cursing at everybody who’s crossing his way. It’s a megacity, where you can’t enjoy being a sightseer, because you’re constantly forced to watch your life and valuables. So, screw that notorious pizza and stay nearly outside Naples. Sorrento, for illustration. Plan your passages from there and spent a many hours in Naples so you can say “I survived Naples!”

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