Meet The Doreen Bra

 Meet The Doreen Bra


The Doreen bra from lingerie giants Triumph is said to be the most sold bra in the world – yet, for many women today, it only lives in the most obscure corner of the great unlined bra

lingerie drawer of the mind. A pity, really – so let me bring it back into the light for you. If you have never experienced the Doreen, then you have been missing out on the ultimate in comfort and support.

You may know or remember this bra from the wardrobe of your mother or grandmother even. It has been around since 1967, so it would not be unlikely if you have seen it worn by older generations of women in your family. It has a very characteristic design, which tends to give a slightly triangular shape to the breasts – a very hip look back in the day, as seen underneath tight turtleneck sweaters. This very recognizable shape, which has been resurrected to an extreme degree by Madonna over the years in her stage outfits, happens due to the special cup design of the Triumph Doreen Bra. The cups are made of three different pieces of fabric, sewn together to provide maximum support of the breast. Together with the cup frame, the cups are kept in contact with the entire breast, whose weight is therefore distributed evenly within the cup. There is also a great deal of control with this type of cup – nothing moves when it shouldn’t. This is achieved without squeezing the bust flat as a pancake, as sports-bras tend to do it – so while the Doreen bra may not be usable for wearing through a fitness class, you wouldn’t want to wear a sports-bra all day either – or so I would think.



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