5 TOP Reasons You Should Carry a Gun

 5 TOP Reasons You Should Carry a Gun


Nowadays, all you have to do is turn on the news to hear about riots and terrorist attacks on civilians all over the world. The world is seemingly headed for chaos. To .38 special ammo  survive, you must learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones from harm and one of the best ways to do so is with a gun.

Guns are automatic crime deterrents – think about it, would you attack someone with a gun? This is just one of the reasons that guns are a necessity in today’s society. Interested in learning more about the rest? Check out the 5 TOP Reasons You Should Carry a Gun:

  1. It is your right

The 2nd Amendment states that every American citizen has the right to carry a firearm to protect his or her loved ones from tyrants and in times of emergency. This was included in the Bill of Rights because the founding fathers saw the damage that could occur if responsible law abiding American citizens were unable to protect themselves.

  1. “For those looking for security, be forewarned that there’s nothing more insecure than a political promise” – Harry Browne

While the Right and the Left argue over the minutiae in our gun laws or propose new gun legislation, mass shootings are occurring all the time and ordinary citizens are scared to leave their homes. While carrying may seem like a declaration of where you stand politically, it doesn’t change the fact that self-protection is essential during these times, no matter your political views.

Still not convinced? Think about this – if someone tries to break into your home, how will you protect your loved ones? While it’s true that you can call 911, there’s no guarantee that the authorities will arrive on time. Having a gun at your disposal can keep the bad guys at bay(and maybe even scare them away.

  1. Random acts of unspeakable violence are becoming more commonplace

The world today is drastically different than it was a couple of decades today. Stories about ISIS, mass shootings, and riots are always on the news, shedding light on how violent the world we live in really is. You never know where or when something bad will happen, carrying a gun will help you fight back against those who are trying to terrorize you.



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