DUI Lawyers and the Field Sobriety Testing

 DUI Lawyers and the Field Sobriety Testing


Field Sobriety Testing And Your Rights

The dreaded field sobriety test is something every drinker fears. Whether you enjoy a beer or two at the local tavern after work or are a heavy partier, you’ll want a DUI DUI attorneys  Lawyer after failing a field sobriety test or refusing to even take one. This defense will be needed later when you are fighting the number of charges thrown at you and to help reduce the ramifications if you are convicted.

It doesn’t take much for an officer to pull you over and issue you a field sobriety test. There are certain procedures an officer needs to follow when doing this, so a DUI Lawyer will be able to pick that apart to make sure you were treated fairly during the testing phase. Perhaps there wasn’t even a proper reason to have pulled you over in the first place, and your lawyer will be able to question whether or not this is the case.

Not only can a DUI Lawyer help persuade the judge to give you some breaks during the time you were pulled over, but they can also help you reduce penalties that may have an effect on your future. The penalties are harsh and could include expensive fines, a week-end going to alcohol educational programs and possibly even jail time. You may also have to put a locking device on your car that would keep you from driving. Even spending time doing community service would be preferable to those other alternatives. A DUI Lawyer can give your case better chance at a reduced sentence and possibly even a reduced charge. A reduced charge goes a long way to keeping your insurance rates lower as well as making your criminal record less conspicuous. Another important benefit of having a good defense is ensuring you keep your driving privileges so that you can get to work. After all, you’ll have a lawyer to pay!

Finding a good DUI Lawyer can be daunting because of all the listings in the local directory. It will seem like there is a million different lawyers to choose from. Have discussions with friends and relatives who have been through this already to suggest a good DUI defender. You can narrow down the flock of choices by filtering out those lawyers who specialize in divorce or business law. For your case you want someone who has experience with field sobriety test cases and charges resulting in an officer charging you with DUI. Don’t take the situation lightly because it could end up costing you money and time.

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